A Joyful Experience

I have always been fascinated by the soothing and mellifluous sound of the erhu (a two-string-on-a-bow instrument). Finally, at the age of 63, I decided to learn how to play this distinctively Chinese musical instrument. It has been a joyful experience and a rewarding one too. After a year of weekly lessons and daily practices, I can now play quite a few simple but tuneful Chinese melodies.

Credit must go to my erhu teacher. She is young, energetic, skilful and conscientious. She has been patiently and diligently coaching me in how to master this quintessentially Chinese musical instrument. What I find most encouraging is when I hear her demonstrate how to draw out the tune that she is teaching me. And when she accompanies me to play the tune, it makes my own rendition quite acceptable to the ear.

She has been my inspiration, and I hope one day to play as well as she can. That would be an achievement that I would be proud to work towards.

Huang Luqin