Our Teaching Staff

Our guiding principle is to provide our students with the most appropriate and efficacious instructions to develop their musical talents. Towards this end, we bring together teaching staff, both local and foreign, who not only excel in playing the instruments they teach but who also possess the expertise to impart their skill and knowledge to coach their students to their optimal potential.

Liu Lu

Om The Arts Centre is founded and helmed by Principal Liu Lu.

She graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 1988, majoring in guzheng and pipa, under the tutelage of Professor Pan Fengmin and renowned pipa virtuoso and educator Wang Fandi. Upon her graduation she was appointed head of the pipa section of the Music & Drama Centre in Sichuan Province.
She came to Singapore in 1993 as a teacher in guzheng, pipa and guqin as well as a performing artiste, having performed as a soloist at concerts. Her performance of the concertos The Butterfly Lovers, Lu You and Tang Wan were critically acclaimed.

She is a member of The Chinese Musicians’ Association, Sichuan Pipa Society and Sichuan Jinjiang Guqin Society. She teaches music at Hsinghai Art Association Singapore and Yanhuang Culture Researching Association Singapore, in addition to Om the Arts Centre.

Promoting Chinese culture and values through Chinese music has become her passion since her arrival in Singapore, and she has been tirelessly seeking ways to contribute towards this objective.

Many of her students have excelled at grading examinations held jointly by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and China National Conservatory of Music. One student won the gold medal in the Singapore National Music Competition (Pipa Open Category) in 1998 and the Excellence Performance Award in the China National Art Competition for Youth (Chinese Instrumental Solo Competition, Pipa Category) in 2002.